Skittish Chickens - I need advice

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    I just bought my first four chickens, 1 1/2 year old red sex links. I got them from an organic free range growing company and it seems that they are not used to humans that much because everytime I go near the pen they run away and hide. Is there anything I can do to make them more sociable? I just don't want them to be so stressed out every time I clean out their pen or collect eggs.

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    Hi and welcome to BYC.
    Skittish chickens? One word: Treats

    Start offering them treats and it helps to use the same bowl to bring them their treats every time. They'll come to recognize that bowl.
    First toss the treats on the ground to them. After they get used to that, sit down and keep the bowl of treats in your lap. Somebody's gonna get brave enough to come closer. Just use patience, get down on their level (sitting instead of standing over them) and offer the treats.
    They'll come around. Good luck!

    ETA: The link to the treats chart:
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    treats... something they LOVE to eat.. everyday at the same time (aprox) soon they will come running to see you...
    i have a green bowl i put all my "left overs" in .. and every evening i take the green bowl, feed the goodies to the chickens and collect the eggs... they all come running when they see me now..
    and if i dont have any leftovers from the fridge, then i will put some horse grain w/molasses (they love that) a a treat..

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