Sleeping Chicken

Nicole 59

Nov 30, 2015
Hello all,

I've only had chickens since October. We got given two and then got given two more a couple weeks later.

One of the second two we were given, named Brussle Sprouts, arrived missing many feathers. We were told she was moulting and had no reason to believe otherwise as she seems healthy enough other than that.

Today though, when I went to feed the ladies Brussle Sprouts was still in the coop sleeping. It got cold last night, down to -10c or so, so I brought her in to warm up. She's been in all day and she's still sleeping. She opened her eyes once and took a bit of water another time. She moves her legs around every once in a while.

Wondering if there is anything I can do and how long I should keep her inside before I let her go.

Many thanks

Here's a picture.
Dol you know how old they are? Coccidiosis could be a possibility if there is some diarrhea or blood in stools, puffing up, refusing to eat, along with sleepiness. Corid is a good treatment for that. Have they been wormed? Valbazen is a very good one to use. Check the skin all over to make sure there are no lice or mites, or thei eggs. Also check inside her vent an inch or so for a stuck egg. Giving her some vitamins with electrolytes or SaveAChick, and offering some chopped egg in addition to her normal feed would help.
Thanks for your suggestions. I just woke up and checked on her and she has passed. I'll stock up on some medicine so next time I'm in need I will have some on hand.

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