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  1. Hi everyone,

    We are new to this site and have just become the proud owners of two 19week old Warrens called Pink and Red! ( don't ask, our 2 1/2 year old named them ). At the moment they are sleeping together in the nesting box or next to the perches but not on them. How do we get them on to the perches? I've heard that you can lift them when they are asleep, is this true? Does it matter if they don't sleep on the perches?
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    If you can get them to sleep on their roosts that's the ideal situation. That way their poop is mostly under the roost and is easy to keep clean. If they are sleeping on roosts they aren't sleeping in their nest boxes and soiling their eggs.

    Yes, the correct way to get them to sleep on their roosts is to go in after dark and physically lift them unto the roosts. You will have to do that for several days, maybe even a week. They should get the idea pretty quickly and go to the roost themselves.
  3. Thanks for that, we will be trying it shortly and will kepp you posted over the next few weeks.

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