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very nice Andy!

I especially love seeing all the green everywhere! sigh...spring, how I long for you! Please send some of the sunshine and warmth up our way.
Nice nice pics! I love your Java! and your white males, too. Heck, they are ALL gorgeous!

Yep, time to get the old lawn mower out again. Not complaining here! I'm glad to see warmer weather!
You have such a nice variety of peafowl! Your blackshoulder looks really pretty and your green is looking even more colorful than the last pictures of him you showed. His facial patch is so nice and bright all he is missing now is a train, I can't wait to see him with one. What is that one dark peacock...Isn't it a midnight white eye or something? I really like the train on that one it looks very interesting.
Yea the dark one is the 2 year old midnight black shoulder white eye. He'll be so beautiful in 2 years. They take way longer to get the white eye's on the trains than one would think. He's going thru the ugly peacock stage.
Well that is a personal opinion. For me I don't really like cameos, so I don't raise them but of course others do raise them. I personally think pieds are pretty so I raise them. That is the wonderful thing about peafowl...If you don't like India blues, then get whites, if you don't like pieds, then get greens, ect. There is a variety for everyone!
Pieds are actually my new found favorite. I'm looking forward to getting my cameo and oaten chicks this year tho. So the anwser to your question "Why dose anyone raise mixed up pied peacocks? I think they are ugly." Cause not everyone believes they are ugly.

and as Minx said, everyone has an opinion. Personally, I love the contrast of color and white in a pied bird, not to mention each one is so unique!
Also think pied hens are gorgeous!

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