Slikie brooding Issues

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    I have a silkie cross that has been sitting in a nesting box like she is brooding but there are no eggs under her. I check every day to see if there is any eggs and nothing. She doesn't come out of her box for anything and she acts like she's brooding. [​IMG] I'm very concerned about her.I hope she's no sick . if anyone else has had this problem with their chicken and know what might be going on with my hen please let me know.
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    She's broody.
    All chickens, especially silkies, can get the urge to raise a family and will sit regardless of if there are eggs or not.
    If you aren't giving her fertile eggs to incubate, the best thing to do is put her in an elevated wire bottom cage. As long as she can keep her underside warm, she'll stay broody.
    Silkies are notorious so unless you want to continually go through this, you may want a different breed.

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