slipped 2 extra chicks under a hen tonight


15 Years
May 8, 2008
Hubby & I had slipped 2 chicks under my BO Hen that has a single chick that hatched last Sat. I didn't want the chick to be completely on it's own & so I thought slipping 1 or 2 of my chicks from the bator under the hen would be a good idea. It went pretty smooth & of course we waited till we were under darkness but it was so dark I couldn't see the hen or anything. She sounded good & like she was cooing at it like she does when she's calling her single chick but oh I'm sweating it a bit here. Hubby said "well she did peck at me but it was warm under her. Now it's not only dark but raining once again here in NJ & I wouldn't be able to see or hear anything now.. I have a baby cam that I use in the chicken coop & I should have moved it tonight to that small coop. Of coure I still would be able to really see in the dark..... Crossing fingers all is well in the morning...
Must have been a good night in NJ for doing swaps as the wife and I had some dud eggs under a broody hen we got last Friday from a friend in Tom's River (we put thelikely infertile eggs under her as a way to keep her broody until the eggs we bought arrived). I mean she has got that broody thing DOWN !! LOL. Anyway we had some Millie Fleur eggs from a lady in California arrive Wednesday and just as it was getting dark I had the wife take Ruby out of the nest for a walk so I could swap the 4 dud eggs for the 7 Millie Fleur eggs.... When we put her back in she sorta looked at them funny, then squiggled her girth and feathers over them real easy. She's happily cooing away this morning...

Michael and Nan

Miss Ruby in the Broody Hilton complete with hardware cloth screen window insert

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LOL I don't know chicken breeds all that well but that Ruby looks like it could be a Buff Orpington to me which is what I've got here too. They're so sweet aren't they? Oh until they've got eggs or chicks & then they'll give ya a good peck while handling them.
My hubby got the peck last night but the chicks look snug as a bug this morning doing just what they're suppose to schooting under her. I kind of felt bad this morning because she wanted to take them out, but it's raining so nasty here & I'm rotating hens with chicks. I wish the rain would clear up I've had enough now, but I'll be happy today with the wish from last night coming true & her just looking happy with the lil ones.. They sound so content with the cooooooo cooooo cooooooo whew now I can breath.

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