slow featherer??


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Sep 13, 2013
I have 3 little chicks, 2 weeks old. These three are all the same breed and all the same age. One of them is just not getting her feathers in the way the others are (even the other breeds, which are younger are developing faster) she is otherwise healthy, eats and drinks as much as other girls, maybe more. She's always curious, when I come to let them out or just to check on them she's the first one to greet me, she thinks she's in charge of the other girls even thought she's still civered in chicken fluff. Is this just a runt?? It just seems weird to me that in all other areas she seems just fine.
Can you post pictures? Two weeks is too young to tell for sure, but you might get some ideas. From the description you are giving of it being slow feathering, bold and bossy, it seems quite possible you have a baby roo.
I will post pictures of the girls as soon as I get to my computer... Haven't figured out how to do it from my phone.... She is definitely the boldest of all my girls and only has like two rows of wing feathers, the others have about four, plus a couple small ones on their backs and tail feathers.
This is the girl in question, she just has a tiny row or two of wing feathers.

This is one of the other girls (sorry about the terrible picture) but she has big feathered wings some feathers on her back and tail feathers.
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I don't know why she looks so much smaller in the picture, she's not, same size just without all the feathers.
Forgot to ask what breed they are. When you compare the chicks, does the one with fewer feathers have thick legs in comparison? She looks healthy, but that is a big difference in feathering.

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