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    Jul 13, 2013
    Hey, I need some advice. I have 5 eggs that are due today two have already hatched. One yesterday and then the second early this morning. The third one appears to be hatching it pipped yesterday and seem to be hatching. When I woke up this morning it has made progress. But it seems to be very slow and is panting a bit. It pipped around 1pm yesterday. Its now 12noon(I live in europe) its breatjing well but its progress is slow. What should I do? I have two other eggs besides this one there is no sign of them hatching yet and I haven't seen any creaks. The first born chick turn over most of the eggs is that okay? Please give any advice it will be appreciated. This is my 3rd successful hatch. The other two only had one chick each so this is my most successful. I really want this 3rd hatch to be okay so please help me out. Thank you and God Bless:)
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    Hi, has the chick pipped a hole or has it started zipping? The chicks that hatched that are knocking the eggs shouldn't be a problem. All chicks are different and hatch at different time rates. I would read the section on here about assisted hatching just incase you need to make the decision or not to help it.

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