small egg after moult


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Jun 26, 2010
Lake Oswego
I have heard that after the first moult that egg size increases. May BR started laying again today, after a three month moult, but her egg was only 1-3/4 oz. My GSL, who has not gone through a moult layed a 2-3/4 oz egg today (which is normal for her). Will the BRs eggs get to a large size after the first few post moult eggs or will she likely always lay smallish eggs? To listen to her squawk all morning you would have thought she was laying a dozen.

Lady Badlands

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Nov 5, 2009
I wish I could understand your acronyms (BR and GSL), but I'm really bad at them. Anyhow, glad you brought up this subject because some of my 20 (various heavy breed) hens are moulting for the first time, others are done with it, and some haven't had it happen yet (they're all the same age, about 20 months). The other day, I found the teeniest tiniest egg in one of the nests. I've never seen any from my chickens this small. In fact, it was so small, it reminded me of a robin's egg (in size, not color). So I'm keeping it as a souvenir (of what, I don't know) because it's so adorable. I took some photos to compare it to my other eggs and even in a photo compared to big ones, it couldn't convey the true tiny-ness of the egg.

Anyhow, I'm glad to know that this type of egg is sometimes laid right after moulting. Because otherwise, the mystery would have remained. LOL!

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