Small flock and two roosters in need of new home


9 Years
10 Years
Jan 24, 2010
I am near Culpeper Va, I have a small clock 14 hens and two roosters. I love my chickens but I have been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and although I feel fine now I know that in the coming months I will get worse. I have contacted several organizations looking for help and hope one of them will come up with something.

Some of the hens are older and no longer laying regularly but most are two years old and laying fine. I got the second rooster by accident when I ordered my new hens two years ago. Unfortunately he has to be housed separately from the hens. the other rooster is in with all the hens and he is a great protector.

I have feed, bedding, waterers, feeders, etc all of which can go with them. I just want them to be taken care of.

J Walsh

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