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Apr 4, 2014
South Georgia
Hi everyone,

I just got all my seeds in the ground today and it's a small plot, but now am not sure how to keep the 3 chickens that we have away from it. I'm scared they'll eat my seeds

Any ideas of how to keep them out of the garden area?

They will love your seeds, and think that you buried them there just for their digging pleasure... kind of like a treasure hunt... and OH, the dust bathing pleasure offered by that nice loose soil!! Seriously, you'll have to keep a fence between the chickens and your garden at all times... at least until it is very well established. Even then, your girls will eat any thing that looks tasty to them, and they will scratch exactly where you don't want them to!
I just got done building our fence to keep our flock out of our garden. I made mine out of 1"round tubing that i welded to make 8'long panels that are 3'tall with 2'legs on the bottom that i can drive in the ground. It works great and with the 8'panels i can move it and change it around when needed.
AAron, I bet you have sandy soil. Those fence panels sound lovely. However, in our area, I'd need a jack hammer to get any post 2' into the soil in any kind of predictable pattern due to the crop of rocks.
Yep our soil is pretty sandy. You could build them with out the legs too and just wire them together. Once you get at least one corner together the rest will support of of that.

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