Small meat animals...besides chickens and rabbits.

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    You can also freeze 2 liter coke bottles and rotate them in and out of the pens on the hottest days. They will lay up against the ice and snooze the afternoon away.
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    How about pot bellied pigs??,

    I believe they originated in Asia or somewhere hot and humid..

    and besides they become obnoxious so butchering them would not be a hard choice to make..[​IMG]
  3. Do you have room to get a cattle stock tank? a real big one? I have read online about a guy in...i wanna say yermo or something that has fish. And there was a family with a fish company in the high desert recenltlyon dirty jobs you could do that only on a smaller scale, get some crayfish too to clean the bottom of the tank as well maybe. and a few cat fish. I can't remember the set up but i am sure google can take you there.
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    Quote:We actually thought about it, but we live so close to several places (for fishing) that it doesn't make sense. Anyway, we love fishing and going to the lake is a great excuse to get out of the house and take the dogs out too! And the bonus is that we don't have to clean the lake out or remember to feed the fish! [​IMG] The lake near us has catfish, rainbow trout and large-mouth bass.! [​IMG]
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    Quail. They grow fast, are laying at around 2 months of age and only take 17 days to incubate (except Bob White)

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