Small scale hatching


16 Years
Aug 19, 2007
Northern Utah
I am interested in hatching just a few eggs at a time. Kind of a "fun" thing to do as a family. What small incubator do you recommend? I've never hatched my own before so should I get a book or just read up and pick your brains on here?
Howdy! So far I am loving my Brinsea Mini Advance! Easy to use, digital controls, turns them for you! Hold seven eggs, so it is not really large, but it can hold more if you want to hand turn them. It is very easy to see the eggs, which the kids love! It is just all around E A S Y! And I got it used from another 4-Her! Good luck! I set my first eggs 10 days ago and I think I am HOOKED!!!!!
I bought a HovaBator1583 with an egg turner many years ago so my then elementary aged son could hatch eggs. After a few years we stored it away and it remained stored until this November when I dug it out to see if I could hatch anything. Works like a charm and I hatched 14 babies the week of Christmas.

So I can recommend that model for children but I have never used any other incubator. My brother had an egg shaped one many years ago that made a lot of noise turning the eggs but for some reason it wasn't as much fun as the styrofoam one with the plexi glass top. Easy to watch what is going on inside.

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