smelling bad incubator


9 Years
Dec 18, 2010
It's been 23 days and only 3 eggs hatched. I candled the rest of the 20 eggs and they show signs of chicken forming.

History: after 3 days of incubating, the incubator stopped working, the eggs were cool/cold to the touch for a few hours until I bought a new incubator.
So, they had a tough begining.

The last couple of days the incubator smells. I've tried to sniff the rotten egg but cant find it. Is it possible they all have gone bad even though I can see growth?

Suggestions please.

There's a difference between rotten egg smell and chick hatching smell. Some hatches smell worse than others. I would venture to say at day 23 with eggs "cooking" there is a bit of odor, but if they were truly rotten, you'd know!
Hmmm, it is an odor, but not like sulfur stinky oder. Maybe because I have an extreem variety (I've only hatched 2 batches of Rode Islands) that they would smell more strongly?
I've cleaned the tray twice. thinking it will help.

because of the low temps and it not being at exactly 99.5 the entire time, they would still be developing, is that correct?
would that make them deformed in any way? I would hate to have my students see something that would freak them out....

Deformities are caused by many things. Low temps, more often than not can lead to slower development and thus longer hatches, or lack of full development. Generally speaking, deformed chicks fail to hatch all together. So if you aren't' planning on opening what doesn't develop, then you shouldn't have a problem.

What are you hatching in?
They are hatching in a Still Air Egg Turner Incubator. The stirofoam type. I was in a panic to purchase one.
They are no longer on the turner but have been moved do to me cleaning the bottom.
I won't be opening what doesn't develop LOL

Thank you for your info. I appreciate it.
no prob. in the future, if you are using a still air, the temp needs to be up around 101 at the top of the eggs. 99.5 is for forced air.
Should I turn it up for the rest of the hatch?
I have a indoor/outdoor digital thermo w/humitity readout. I had it laying on the eggs, now it's on the bottom. Should I lay it on top of the eggs for a closer readout? I don't want to inhibit the pecking/hatch.

I would move the thermometer to the top to get a more accurate reading. if it's still low, then yes, bump it up a bit.
I have a Little Giant incubator purchased from Farm and Fleet. We bought the egg turner but did not purchase the fan. Would "the temp needs to be up around 101 at the top of the eggs. 99.5 is for forced air" hold true for the brand I have too?

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