Smoked Beef Chuck Roll


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Mar 19, 2008
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Yeah wanted an slightly cheaper alternative to brisket. Found a number of threads on the FINDuck roll. Hit YouTube and searched on Yahoo too and found our local Sam's Club had them. And thanks to the good tips I ASKED and being the butcher didn't have to do much more than cut me a 9.5 pound piece he gave me a pretty decent break on the price, $3.19 a pound, a dollar a pound less than the Angus Prime Chuck Roast price. (REMEMBER FELLAS, beef has gone up).

As Smokin' and the others say, keep it simple. Injected it with a nice beef au jus/Yoshidas and used my cowboy rub/Cookshack Brisket rub, let that sit one hour while I prepped my smoker.
2 oz of hickory and 1.5 oz red oak.
Used the BRISKET button so it'll go at 225, will smoke it until internal temp reaches 150,double wrap in hd foil and take her up to a little over 195 internal temp.
The rest of the au jus pan and some brandy goes on the shelf under the roll after 90 minutes.
Gonna let it rest 1/2 hour and then pull. Got me some nice kaiser rolls and some steak rolls from a bakery in Brooklyn. Got some red potato salad and pasta salad.

I'm adding this because I bet there are a lot of guys/gals out there that want great beefy tasting beef but have trouble finding awesome briskets or HATE the yield/loss with that cut of meat.

Checked the temp with a quick read thermometer after 5 1/2 hours the ends were at 150 and the middle at 142, I decided to double foil it then and I jacked the smoker temp up to 250. It slow cooked (no understatement) until 7pm (total of 10 1/2 hours) and the ends were at 197 and the middle at 192. WOW was it good. Really is the pulled pork of beef. The butcher really cleaned this one up maybe a bit too much so the injection and early foiling saved the day.

Next time if I was gonna make this for everyday eating for myself and the wife, I'd get the 2 pack of beef chuck roasts, freeze on and use the same process for the other. The yield is quite a bit higher than brisket. Really very good. Smoking the au jus really gave it some personality too.
Did I say I'm Beat !?!?!? I am. LOL

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Great idea! I smoked a brisket for the Labor Day weekend and it was very disappointing with the amount of fat that was in it. I bet we ended up with less than half the weight of the brisket in meat that we could actually eat. I'm going to give this a try.... thanks!!!

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