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    Apr 29, 2008
    I am over run with snails and slugs. I cannot let my chickens free range because of free roaming dogs, foxes and hawks, so they are in big dog kennels topped with tarps.

    I bring them some sort of plant based treats every day. The ones I brought them yesterday had snails n them, which I didn't see u ntil I saw one of my girls eating it. They were fighting over it!

    So, are they ok for the girls to eat as a treat? I can bring them a cup of fresh snails every day or so if it is. Takes care of two issues, what to feed the girls for their daily healthy treat and how to get rid of the snails!

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    Feb 27, 2008
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    Snails and slugs are an intermediate host for a variety of nematodes, including some pretty nasty worms. I wouldn't intentionally feed them snails.
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    I haven't had any problems with chickens eating snails. I'd thrown some snails in their pen initially but they didn't seem interested. However, I no longer have the snail problems I used to now that I let them free range around the yard. I know they're getting them too because the snails used to be all over the place at night. (I had a neighbor lady tell me that she didn't notice snails anymore in her yard since she let her chickens out a few hours a day so I'd hoped this was a possibility for me because I was worried about putting them out if I had to use snail bait.) One of my hens had egg peritonitis recently and passed but before she did I had her tested for parasites and the results were negative. Suffice to say I haven't had any of the usual snail eaten garden plants since the chickens have been patrolling.
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    If you wanted to feed your chickens slugs and snails you could put out lettuce leafs or cabbage leaves in the evening and turn them over in the morning. Chances are there will be slugs and snails under there that you can either feed or drown in soapy water or ammonia water.
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    +1 with greenfamilyfarm.

    I'm not keen on my girls to be eating snails/slugs. I prefer that they dine on earwigs, and other bugs. But if they freerange, chances are pretty good that they will be gobbling up snails and slugs.
    Do keep an eye out for parasitic worm infection.

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