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    May 3, 2009
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    I was told that "snake away" keeps the snakes away from the coop. We tried it ,but found that MOTHBALLS work a lot better. we found one snake in the nest last night with an egg it had just swalloed. The snake was about 3 ft. long and becaues it had an egg in its mouth, it was easy to catch. WE gave the dead snake to our pigs and put our moth balls around our three coops. The moth balls worked good last yr. so we are going to continue there use through "snake season". Does anayone use anything elas to keep the snakes away? WE have 17 yellow buffs and counting, Also 24 white leghorns, 3 black jersey giants, 2 guineas, 4 goats , and 2 pigs. We sell our eggs to feed the live stock. Are'nt chickens wonder? We think so.
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    Quote:12 guage, 9MM, and a chihuahua [​IMG]

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