11 Years
Nov 9, 2008
Central Oklahoma
About 3 days ago my DH and I were out checking the animals in the barnyard. Our blue Muscovy was off her nest so I went to check it for chicken eggs(they like to lay in the duck nests). I saw what I thought was a dark feather on her nest and went to pick it up. Imagine my shock when I touched a freakin' snake!!!! I yelled at DH to grab a shovel or hoe. I'm not one to want to kill things, I normally try to relocate them to a more remote area, but this thing ticked me off trying to eat my babies eggs!! We did kill it despite both hoe and shovel being dull as rocks!! Well, tonight as I was shutting everyone up, one of the other Muscovy's in the same shed was talking to me quite a bit. I started to walk out but did a double take and she had another huge rat snake about 2 inches from her. I ran grabbed the dull hoe and tried to kill it but I kept dropping the flashlight and couldn't see it. I got several good swipes at it so I hope I injured it enough that it won't be back......but I know better. I'm going tomorrow to buy a new hoe and shovel and leave them in the shed so I'll be prepared next time. I'm just so mad I wasn't able to kill it. Neither snake had gotten any of the eggs. I'm wondering if the Muscovy duck eggs are too big for them to get. I'll bet the ducklings aren't and they are due to hatch anytime now. Any hints/tips on detering them that won't desturb the 3 duck hens sitting on eggs in there??
I too have had a serious problem with snakes this spring. They kept getting into my brooder and eating my chicks.
I kept relocating and still had a problem so as much as I hated to I had to start killing them. They are just basic rat snakes but this is crazy. I live on the edge of a forest, go find some rats! They have a grand time eating chicks and basking in the heat
That's exactly why they are eating your chicks. Warmth to digest and a quick meal! Maybe if you can make it a little more difficult for them to get in, they'll go find rats.
As for the first post, such a shame the snakes had to be killed. Do you know how they're getting in?
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HEY TRICIA!! ...If your having problem with snakes I can give you my cell number and you can call me. I am an experienced snake handler . I am only like 5 minutes away. Let me know and I will PM you or I can give it to you on the 20th at the swap.

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