Sneaky broody 'scovy duck hen...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Caprice_Acres, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Jun 28, 2010
    I had moved a dog house into my main pen about a week or two ago, with the intentions of fixing the door so I could use it as shelter to separate out the chicken breeds for purebred hatching eggs. Today I finally got around to working on it. I had the door removed and while working on it, I heard a hiss from inside of the doghouse...

    Sure enough, my blue pied muscovy hen, Blanche, was setting a nest. 13 of her eggs, as well as like 5-6 chicken eggs. I had to remove the chicken eggs, but I left her with her 13. I'm pretty sure she just started to set, because I haven't missed her yet. I had noticed her on 'dates' with my drake, and I thought she had given up on laying when my other hen, nest due 8/6, stole 2 of her eggs into her own nest... those I plan on taking and putting in the 'bator when the hen hatches hers, as they're about a week or more behind.

    Anywho, anybody need some ducklings? LOL! I should get whites, color crested (capped), some solids in chocolate, silver, black, lilac... though if I get silvers I'll likely keep 'em. [​IMG]
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    the ducky room
    LOL. i have a dog house in my pen too. when my ducks first went outside, they were iffy on the house. neither of them went in it at all. i was hoping they'd be cute and sleep in it like a married couple hahaha. nope. i always had a feeling my hen would lay eggs in the house. then a few weeks later i had a dream that she had ducklings. when i woke up i checked the house, sure enough there were eggs in there. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I would love some! Coming to the PA area anytime soon? [​IMG] I seriously wish we were closer--I would take more than a few.

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