Sneaky ducks


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
We thought our Cayugas had dropped back into the irregular laying pattern they had part of last year, then yesterday my husband noticed one hen literally squashing herself between a cinderblock and the side of the run. When he went over to look he found a cache of 11 eggs! Later when I got home I looked in some places you would think no way a wide load duck like the cayugas would fit into and found 4 more eggs!

Sneaky ducks! Apparently all the nests the khakis use in their coop aren't good enough for the cayugas.

Since we don't have drakes the dogs and chickens feasted on scrambled duck eggs this morning.
When you find a stash like that, you can float test the eggs (if they sink to the bottom of a bowl of water, they are fresh). I bet a bunch of them were still edible for people, but at least your animals got to eat them.
We have an over abundnace of eggs so I was fine with letting the laying hens and chicks get the protein. The dogs said they sould get them all but they off gas horribly if given to much

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