11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula
The other day I let the chickens out at 9am. I walked back in the back door, thru the house and even tho they all looked like they were in the backyard, SIX of them were already across the road into the neighbors yard. That was saturday. SUnday am I went out to let them out and there were two of them IN THE YARD. They must not have gone back to the coop sat nite. Cause when it gets dark we lock them in.
Today I let them all out when I got home from work. I have chased them back into the yard at least 5 times. Do I have a sign somewhere that says "ALCATRAZ"? Because this is beginning to look like ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ. Is there a sign somewhere that says "EXIT STAGE RIGHT"? Maybe a sign in the neighbors yard that says FREE BUGS?
I have watched my chickens storm across the road like there was no tomorrow, I have chased them back, I am done, they have tired me out. And there is no way I can get them into the coop. NOT all 51 of them. But on the brighter side, they did have a cat come up on them, they chased it off. I watched it all.

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