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Jan 31, 2009
I have a lovely batch of six-day-old Buff Orpingtons and today I noticed that one of them is sneezing. Is this normal or is there cause for alarm? I have them on medicated crumble and under a heat lamp. Should I separate the sneezing one? I haven't had babies in a while so I'm out of practice. They seem healthy in every other way, very curious and active (when they're not napping). Any knowledge or advice you might want to share would be wonderful. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome to BYC!

Sneezing in chickens can be a fairly large number of things from the benign to the serious. Sometimes they sneeze if you change their bedding.

Other times they get respiratory illnesses some of which can devastate your flock. I would suggest segregating the sneezer and making certain you keep biosecurity practices to keep the germs from spreading to your main flock.

I add apple cider vinegar to my chicks water. There are other natural remedies. Often once your flock has a respiratory illness they will be carriers for life and will infect any new members you add.

Do a little research, listen to the advice you get from people on here.

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