Sneezing Chickens


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8 Years
Oct 17, 2011
I noticed last week that a couple of the girls were sneezing. While I was out there last night I noticed it again.
Is this something I should be worried about?
I have a vitamin to place in thier water for stress conditions. The tempature has been really cold here in the teens last night etc...


8 Years
Nov 28, 2011
NE Alabama
Chickens sneeze doesnt mean necessarily that it could be anything more than that. I would add ACV(raw, nonfiltered apple cider vinegar)(not grocery store you can get it at some feed stores or healthfood stores or order online) to the water. I would watch for other signs like crusty eyes or nostrils. Then be worried if that happens. Its been really rainy here and had a few sneezing some but thats all it was. As soon as the rain stopped a opened my coop doors and put up my screen so they could get more fresh air and put the ACV in the water and no more sneezing. I think locking them up during the rain( I think its a little dusty) had something to do with it.

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