Sneezing chicks and momma


8 Years
Nov 1, 2011
Columbia, MS
My 8 week old chicks and momma been sneezing. They all look healthy and act fine. Is it just a cold? Is that common? Do I need to do anything? Today was the first day I let them out for about an hour to free range. I haven't let them out with the older chickens. They are in a separate pen with the runs next to each other. I have seen some of the others sneeze some but not as much as these.
u can get it at any food store. i dont think brand matters. mines store brand. some like the kind with a fungus called mother. but i cant ever find that kind and i found it once and never saw a difference in the two. the cider vinager is good for the birds. keeps them healthy. i put a little in all my chickens waterers everyday. my store keeps it in the cooking section but i think u can find it in the health foods section or u can ask a store clerk
Can I put it in the waterer for all my chickens? Should I put it in the waterers for the babies(2weeks-4 weeks). I won't hurt them. i am also goona put down new pine shavings and DE. Trying to dry out the ground. Does that sound ok to do that ?

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