Sneezing Chicks


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6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Long Island New York
I have noticed some of my six week old chicks sneezing periodically. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be concerned. There's no discharge and they are eating, drinking, and otherwise healthy. They are in a very large pen in our garage while their coop is being completed. We open the garage door in the afternoons to give them some sun and fresh air. Could it just be dust?


Crazy for Silkies
7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
it could just be dust but I'd carefully watch them for ANY other symptoms. my birds were doing the EXACT same thing. I kept watching then I started hearing a very occasionally a cough. very seldom but I heard it. so with my birds I ended up treating them with Tylan50. small bird dose is 1/4cc chick dose is 1/10 th of a cc. once daily for 5 days. the injection is given in the breast muscle for chicks its given behind the neck. I use a diabetic needle because its much smaller. now my birds are better. I watched mine for awhile and decided to treat when the sneezing went into a cough. I hear the cough very seldom but it was there. so watch your birds closely and if you begin to see Mucus or boogers or hear any coughing then I would treat for respiratory. but wait a bit for other symptoms because it could just be dust or an irritant causing the sneeze. best wishes. hope this helps.

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