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May 5, 2012
This isn't an emergency, but I think one of my white rocks either has allergies or a cold. I can't post a sound clip of her doing it, but I will try to describe the best I can. It sounds like a sneeze, with an inhaled gasp at the end. She is acting fine, eating fine...just the darn sneeze! No ooze either. None of my other girls are doing this or have done this. Any ideas?


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Sep 28, 2013
One of my chickens started with that and a couple days later she was showing all the signs of bronchitis. Now a couple other of my chickens are showing signs. I hold a hot wet cloth over my wheezing chickens head and it helps clear there sinuses.
I also heard Tylon 200 is a good treatment or others have and said they have had good results treating conjunctivitis with Tetracycline (like Terramycin). It is available at any feed supply store. Instructions are on package, along with dose. If they only give dose for huge amounts, the dosage for a gallon or two of water is easy to find online.... :)

Hope that bronchitis isn't the case for you
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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds like infectious bronchitis, a virus. Sneezing and runny nose are the main symptoms. It can also occur with other diseases like mycoplasma and coryza, where there would be more selling of the eyes and face, thick nasal secretions. IB by itself will usually spread throughout the flock, and each chicken will take a month to 6 weeks to recover. Sometimes egg production stops, then resumes after recovery, sometimes at a decreases rate. Some chickens can be carriers of this for up to a year. Chicks can have a bad time from this disease, although grown chickens don't usually die. Antibiotics such as duramycin and tylan can help prevent a secondary bacterial infection.Here is some info:

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