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    Apr 4, 2011
    Hi all. I have a one year old EE and 3 bantam english game hens. Over the past two weeks my EE has been sneezing off and on. She acts normal, has not dropped her egg production and still eats and drinks. I really hadn't thought much of it until today. My beloved OE roo seems to be catching something. His crow just seems a little hoarse and weak. But he is also still acting normal. We recently brought home 4 new chicks (2 EE and 2 SLW) but they have been in quarantine since then. They have never been around my older hens. I was always careful to wash hands, feed the older girls first, and use all separate dishes and food. One more thing, it has rained almost continuously for the past 3 weeks. It had just started drying out. I'm just getting worried. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts.
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