Sneezing Silkies!

Classy Chick

Oct 18, 2012
I just got my six silkie hens three days ago and I have noticed that they have all started sneezeing. They also have runny brown poop. They are still eating and drinking but I am starting to get worried! This is my first time having chickens, so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
I'm fairly new to this as well but a dark brown runny poop is supposed to happen once every 8-10 normal poops I think. Also I have 4.5 month old pullets and they've been sneezing somewhat regularly but seem okay. Maybe its just allergies or something. Other than that are they acting fine?
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Thanks for the reply! Otherwise they are acting normal, eating, clucking, and scratching about. I hope it's just allergies, but I will keep an eye on them. Good luck with your chickens!

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