Sneezing, wheezing and ruffled feathers?

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    Apr 4, 2014
    My rhode island red has been sneezing a little bit for the past few days but today's been worse. What can I do to treat her? Her crop is empty, she still walks around and eats the bread I give her... I'm not sure what it. Could it be stress? I bought 5 baby chickens 3 months and the leghorn rooster is always trying to... You know... My rhode island red recently.

    edit: she has no discharge from her nose
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    Sneezing can be due to dusty feed or conditions in the coop, mold, or from ammonia odors. Infectious bronchitis and some of the respiratory diseases can cause sneezing. Make sure that your coop ventilation is very good. Here is a good link to read about diseases:
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