It could be a respiratory problem, do they show any other symptoms? Look for runny poo, bubbly eyes, runny nose, rattle in chest, etc...
The shaking of the head is typical to a runny nose. Take a close look at them, and listen to their breathing when they are on the roost tonight. If you hear a rattle, it is CRD. Either way, it sounds like you have a respiratory problem going on. You can see more info on this on my site HERE .
Not in my experience. What you can do is rub a little vicks vapor rub on their beaks, and wattles so the vapors help clean them out. Some birds can recover without treatment, but if it is CRD, it is much better to treat them, and yes, this can cause death, and some birds can't be relieved of symptoms, even with meds. I have found that it is best to just bite the bullet, and treat them in the long run. I understand if you don't want to medicate, that is your decision, but if they got the rattle, you may loose them if you don't medicate.
now im mad because the farm most of sold them to me like this cause i just got them last saturday. what is this caused from? im getting 3 more chickens saturday so will they get this as well?
wait! i wanna know what causes it! tell me! mine has sneezed like once a month....should i be woried or do u think its just dust or something
Chickens sneeze just like we do, it's when the other signs show up you have problems, or they are sneezing all the time.

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