8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
When should you be conserned about sneezing, my girls are 9-10 wks old and some are sneezing and have some white crusty on their beaks. I am totally new to this. Taking to the vet is not and option ( $) Are there treatments you can do?
How often are they sneezing? Have you noticed any other symptoms? Swollen and/or bubbly eyes can point to a respiratory infection.

I'm not exactly sure what could be causing their sneezing. The only course of treatment I know of for respiratory infections is antibiotics (Tylan, usually. Not sure how effective duramycin is on respiratory infections). I would monitor them for now. If they are sneezing constantly, you've got a problem on your hands.

Anyway, here's a bump! Hopefully someone who has encountered this condition before will come along and advise you. Good luck!
Thanks, I'll watch them. It could have been due to the dust, they were in their coop most of the day yesterdat due to bad weather.

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