5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
I added three chooks to my flock 4 weeks ago- sisters and from the same seller. One of the chooks has been sneezing off and on since i got her. Some days she sneezes all day some days not at all she had no other symptoms other than the sneezing and she chrips all the time. The rest of the chickens do not have any signs of illness even after 4 weeks plus together. Chickens have been wormed i have added ACV to their water. I have been wondering if the straw is to dusty for her.Thank you in advance

Well i did some searching and found that straw is very dusty and it molds pretty quick when it gets wet. The dust could cause it, but I don't know why the others wouldn't sneeze too. One thing I heard that might help is too lightly mist the bedding with water, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea because it might mold. You could try switching to pine shavings. A lot of people use them and they shouldn't be as dusty as straw. I'm not sure what would happen if you just left it alone, but some people said it stopped after awhile.
Yeah I think I will change to shavings, I would think that they others would be sneezing by now if it was an illness ty
If she is not showing any other symptoms and nobody else has started sneezing then I think this is a situation where I would change out the bedding to large flake shavings and see how it goes. There's really not much else you can do. It's possible there is some mold spores or dust in the straw that maybe she is just more sensitive to then the others, who knows. I'd give it a shot.
yes ty cafarmgirl it really sounds like her nose it block or more like a allege
You'll just have to watch them all and see what happens. You could try rubbing a little VetRx on her nostrils, it's not a cure of any kind but it is similar to menthol products for humans and might help open her nasal passages.
How is the sneezing? Any change? I have one bird out of eight that is sneezing, too. There is some discharge with the sneezing but not a lot. Other than that she is running around acting normally and eating.

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