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    Okay, new to incubating, and I have all kinds of questions - today's is about sniffing out rotten eggs.

    10 days ago, we set 17 brown GLW eggs. So far, I can't tell from candeling if anything's at work in there (I just don't have the experience to know what I'm seeing - or not seeing - with candeling and brown eggs). I've read in this forum about getting rid of stinker eggs, and doing a "sniff test." No bad smells so far (I turn them 2 - 3 times every day), but at what point would an egg in the incubator start to smell if it were not fertile/developing? Is it a good idea to do a standard "sniff test" on all eggs just to be sure, and getting rid of any that smell bad? And if so, what day would you start doing that?

    Thanks, everyone. Never a dull moment, is there? [​IMG]
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    Well I can tell you I'm a newbie but I only had one stinker out of 13 eggs. I didn't do a sniff test really. I candled the eggs I had and only one looked different than the rest, it was extremely dark on one end and the air pocket was inconsistent. But I can tell you without a doubt it didn't smell at all... until I cracked it [​IMG] Disgusting! I just kept thinking, I knew it wasn't right but I cracked it anyway to assure myself [​IMG] I won't do that again! But I'd say just give them a few more days then decide, unless one starts stinking [​IMG]
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