Snowing like crazy here...


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Couple of inches and still coming down. It was clear this morning when
I was outside. Got busy, never looked outside.

It's snowing. Road is already covered.

I liked yesterday much better. It was warm, I was working in the yard.

Did I mention I don't like snow? unhappy Spook
We have 4"-6" here with the promise of more on the way. Oooopppsss...just looked outside.....It's Baccckkkk! The ground underneath the snow is a combination of mud and ice.
How can anything so beautiful be such a pain in the neck?
Think we are supposed to get some here too, Spook.

Right now we have a dusting. My kids are hoping for a delay/cancellation tomorrow. I still have to go to work snow or not - maybe I should get those snowtires on the car...
I heard Cleveland got a foot.We just had a dusting.Nothing on the roads. I don't like the snow,but the rain in winter is something I like a lot less!

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