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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Lund121671, May 7, 2009.

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    Mar 2, 2009
    My daughteres snowy hen has been droopy looking the last 7 or so days! I thought of everything (egg-bound, male to friskie, etc.) so last night I caught her up and looked her all over and everything seemed seemed fine except she was skinny and dirty (call ducks are so clean) So after doing the once over for 5 minutes I opened her little bill and there was a jagged sharp stone lodged in the back of her throut. I wa able to just get a hold of it with my fingers and remove it. So from now on I am always going to check the (ducks, goose and chickens mouth as well when trying to diagnos something) Just had to share. She seems fine this morning.
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    WOW good catch!! [​IMG] I would have never thought of that. Lice or mites came to mind but not a rock lodged in her mouth! WOW. I am so glad you found it. Might want to keep her separated a bit till she gets back up to par.

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