So Brau's Hatchery (in MN) really doesn't have a website? Really?


8 Years
Feb 15, 2011
Southern Minnesota
I want to order my spring chicks as locally as possible to reduce stress. I had been ordering from Hoovers in Iowa, but I want Label Rouge (Freedom Ranger/colored broiler/etc) meaties this year, which they don't carry. I want to see if Brau's carries them, but, well, I hate calling people. Particularly people I don't know. It's an issue I have. And who doesn't have a website nowadays? Seriously?

So I can continue not to confront my issue with calling, does anyone happen to know if they carry any colored broilers? And possibly a red star/red sex link layer?

I'm the same with calling people - I prefer to do all my communications online so I don't have to think on the spot. :) At the very least, can you get someone to call and get and email address so you can ask them via email?

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