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    Back in March a friend of mine bought me some nice Ameraucana chicks from a man in my poultry club as a surprise, as luck would have it when they were about 3 months old I had my first encounter with cocci and I lost all but 1, which has turned out to be a beautiful roo. One day I saw some young hens listed on Craigs list and got so excited I bought 3 to go with my roo. After patiently waiting for my green or blue eggs they have finally started laying-----normal color eggs!![​IMG]

    They have beautiful green legs and tuffs, whats the deal?
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    Apr 18, 2009
    I don't know ... but [​IMG]
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    Oct 18, 2007
    The deal is that you got EE's, not pure, Ameraucana's should have Muffs not Tufts, Arucana have Tufts, So you got something in between, and ended up with hens that lay brown eggs. Its all egg on the inside. [​IMG]
  4. there is at least some good news... if you breed your EEs to your Ameraucana roo you should get some blue/green layers. i know it's probably not what you were looking forward to, but it's something at least.
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    Leg color has nothing to do with egg color--it only verifies that you have Easter Eggers rather than Ameraucanas (EEs can have any color legs, but most often look green). EEs, being a cross, can lay any color egg.

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