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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by greeneggsandham, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. greeneggsandham

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    Mar 10, 2008
    I got my first ever hatchery order this morning a day earlier than expected. They all survied the trip and are happily eating, drinking, and napping. There was one that seemed a little chilly so I held her for a few minutes and now she is just as active as the others. Here is what I got:

    3 California White
    2 Barred Rock
    2 Black Australorp
    3 Buff Orpington
    4 Silver Wyandotte
    2 Ameraucana
    2 Buff Wyandotte
    2 White Giants
    5 Cuckoo Marans

    I'm still amazed that I was able to get the Marans as they said sold out until April, but Ideal e-mailed me to let me know that some were available for my shipment. They are all pullets (hopefully) as that is what I ordered. They didn't have to add any males, which wouldn't have mattered to me.

    Now lets cross fingers that they all grow up to be great egg layers. [​IMG]
  2. CBee

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    May 11, 2008
    Asheville, NC
    Aw, congratulations! Especially on the Marans, that's great! I love my Ameraucanas that I got from Ideal. They are a little over a week now, and they grow so fast-much faster than the other chicks I ordered.

    Do we have any pictures? [​IMG]

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