So, how to explain FRESH eggs?

Linda in San Diego

11 Years
May 11, 2008
San Diego
Today, for the umteenth time - I went to cook myself two eggs in my awesome 8" cast iron skillet. Got the heat up just right with a little bacon fat, broke the first egg in, then the second and then had to talk to myself!!! I do not need to make sure the eggs are against the two opposite sides! The whites on my fresh eggs are not going to spread across half of the skillet! I could do 3, maybe even 4 in a skillet that had, with store bought eggs only allowed me to do 2 eggs!
I don't even know how many times I have done this! And I still have not learned! LOL


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12 Years
Oct 26, 2007
I had read that the whites wouldn't run on fresh eggs also, but mine do. They even run on 10 minute old eggs. They still taste great!


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