so i have a question, do you have to check with a list before...


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Do you have to check with a list or something before naming your farm?
I really want to name my farm and breeding program, but im afraid that i might steal someone elses name.
is there a list or registration your supposed to do or check with?
I live in the U.S. in MI so if anyone from here knows that be great.
but id like to hear from everyone....
Thanks So Much!!!!!!!!!!
first I registered my domain name, when we were NPIP certified I registered with the state, then I registered it with the American Silkie Bantam Club. But anybody else could use Muddy Horse Farms if they wanted and I don't think there is anything I could do.
NPIP certified means that your flock has tested negitive for pullorium. they must be tested in order to be shown. you can contact your state department of agriculture, animal health division. or your county extension agent and they can tell you who to call. in our state it is free in some states you have to pay. it is extreamly rare for a bird to test positive. they take a small blood sample ,couple drops, and mix it with a reagent.
my domain name is my website.
Do you need a website? cause i dont have one. id like to get one, but dont know how lol
so i can just give em a name that i want my farm to be called, they write it down and im good to go?
Oh and if you get new chickens, do you need to have them all tested again? how does that work out? i plan on buying a few more show quality ones. will i have to test em each time?
Once you are NPIP tested, (and found negative) you cannot bring any other chickens onto your property unless they are also negative. That is how I understand it anyway. Even eggs I think have to come from tested birds.
Morgan's_Silkie_Parade :

wow, so should i wait? or can i just get a new bird, qaurntine it and test it then add to flock

No birds can come onto your property unless they have been tested and found negative. So you can't bring an untested bird onto your property, even if you do quarantine it away from your flock. They are really strict about the NPIP testing and status.​

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