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  1. mikensara

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    Jun 16, 2011
    New York
    things have been hectic. lots of changes but what i am so excited about yes i have done it i have left my job with the boss from the land of the worst bosses ever . the final blow came when i worked 60+ hours in one week when one girl was out with her back i covered her shifts, another girl was out when her mom had a quadruple bypass i covered her shift, another guy wanted a day off i covered his shift plus my own so in 5 days i worked 4 doubles and one single shift exhausted but kept going telling myself the overtime will be sweet. yeah had i gotten the overtime pay. she with held the overtime hours and told me i would be getting paid for them today at my regular rate of pay. that was all it took i lost it i could no longer bite my tongue. i told her i was finished and wanted the overtime pay she refuses to pay so i contacted the board of labor now its up to them to do what needs to be done something needs to change and she cannot continue to abuse her employees. so now i have been applying at jobs and just hoping something better will happen soon.
    we got a lab/husky mix puppy hes so sweet we enjoy him so much and so far hes been very good with the chickens.
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    Keep us posted! It just sucks when the employer withheld overtime wages! Karma will bite her in the butt big time! How many employees are going after her?
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    Apr 16, 2009
    I remember you telling us about her before. My guess is that she's about to find out it's going to cost her a LOT in exchange for how she's been treating her employees. Good for you for filing against her!
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    I remember it from before, too. Hoping there's a quick resolution so you can get paid. It's incredible they won't pay you since most employers would cough if up fast if reporting it to the labor board is mentioned. Some unscrupulous ones might try fiddling with their supposed "new" pay periods to cover themselves with the labor board.
  5. mikensara

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    Jun 16, 2011
    New York
    shes the worst. i kept staying and beleiving her when she said things would get better and this person is this and that but now i see it clearly she treats her employees like they are trash so its annoying and frustrating i like working i loved the job and my coworkers but now being home is depressing waiting for applications i have put in to be called for interviews.

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