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9 Years
Mar 3, 2012
I have 2 small flocks that I need to integrate. I built a new house to house them all but I got each set of chicks at different times and they were raised seperate. And because I got them all straight run I ended 4 roos 4 pullets. In the coop now are four 13week old Japanese Bantams (1 pullet 3 roos the roos get along great as of now) and in the garage brooder I have four 6week old Marans ( 3 pullets 1 roo) today I tried to introduce the 2 flock to see what would happen and there was a serious brawl between one JB roo and the Marans roo and blood was drawn and there were also a few strikes from the JB roos on the Marans pullets. I was planning on having the 8 of them housed together until I decided which roos to keep and which ones to rehome. Any thoughts on how I should introduce them better? I was thinking of trying to put together a new small coop over the weekend. But I already have 3 coops so I dont know. Id love suggestion since this is my first time integrating a flock.
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Usually I do not mix large fowl with bantam in a flock. Especially in the care of roosters as a large fowl rooster could really hurt a bantam rooster and hens ( crushing when breeding).
Yes I already figured that the Marans rooster and the bantams wouldnt mix well in the long run. But my plan was to hopefully house them all until the Marans roo was old enough to move in with the big girls and then rehome 2 bantam roos leaving 1 JB roo 1 JB hen and 3 marans hens in one coop. But I think Im just going to build a small bantam house over the weekend and move them into that so I can put my Marans chicks out in the coop I just recently built. This is my first time with roos also so I dont really know what im doing
quite yet. Its a learning process that Im enjoying.

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