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    Aug 27, 2011
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    hello! ya know i had a problem as my incubator will only hold 42 eggs with the turner i have the hova-bator 1588 so i started those on friday eve well i still have 19 eggs can i put them on top of the other eggs even though i started those ones already or can they go in there and i will get another incubator but that will take a few days to get here any suggestions would be wonderful thanks so much! i have tried to find a incubator around my area but no luck unless i tsc and get a little giant thingy but i seen on here that those are no goood so i was gonna order another 1588 or the brinsea Octagon 20 ECO egg incubator but they will take a few days to get here
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    Aug 17, 2011
    I have read on here of people stacking eggs but i don't know much about it, maybe search it and it might give you some answers. I would probably stack them for now and then order the new bator, when it arrives then move the second lot you put in to the new bator. That way your not going to have problems with different lockdown days or chicks trying to hatch with eggs on top of them.
    I did the same thing a few months ago, put them all together till my new bator arrived then seperated them. Its handy now cos i only usually do i batch at a time so i use 1 bator for incubating and 1 for hatching, i get the 2nd one ready a few days before lockdown, it works great this way for me.

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