So...I stopped at the feed store

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Urban Chaos

8 Years
Feb 9, 2011
you know the rest. In my case, it is 2 Plymouth Rocks, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Black Minorca and 2 Wyandottes (dont know what color they are going to be yet). I had to promise DH no more chicks - at least until next year:) Feed stores better stop carrying chicks, I mean I still have to go there for feed.
Ok don't feel bad, I hit dh when he was down. He had oral surgery today and while he's all drugged up I ask if I can go to tsc and pick up some chicks. Of course he said yes. So now we have 4slw and 4 mixed bantams. He is sober now and thinks they're so cute! Good Luck!
I caught my DH at a weak moment at Christmas time. He ordered them, they arrived end of January. Now I have 100+ 5 week olds. hee heee heee!
seem to be a reoccuring them
You all are scaring me to death. I just bought 20 last week and I have to go to TSC tommorrow for more feed. "Dear Lord, Please let me not go by the baby chicks while I am ther. Amen."
Here's a twist: tomorrow I am TAKING some of my chicks to the feed store, because they aren't carrying Cochins and one of the employees has a flock of chickens, with some black Cochins, and she would like to have some other colors. Well, I just hatched some silver laced cochin chicks.....

How's that, hmmm????

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