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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I have two hens,8 weeks old. They're in an inside temporary coop right now while my husband is just finishing up their permanent coop. I am wanting to take them outside for awhile to peck around and have fun. They are a Barred Rock and an Ameraucana. They were able to fly quite high and I was scared they'd get over our fence and the dog next door get them. SO, I've just clipped their flight wings as per videos and instruction. Now.. question is: BEFORE I take them and put them in a wire fencing little "playpen" like thing that we have.. is there ANYTHING I should do or be careful of etc etc?? Any precautions I need to take?? I'm sorry... I KNOW this sounds dumb, but this is all new and first time for me!! Thanks so much!!
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    Have a bowl of grit available for them if they want it. Be mindful of the mesh size in your wire fence, chicks can get threw a 1" hole. Enjoy your chicken TV!

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