So is it unwise to put a compost bin near the coop?


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May 13, 2009
Central Maine
Just pick up a handy dandy new compost maker and now need to decide where to put it. I was thinking near where I am going to put my coop (if it ever gets built) would be pretty handy but am wondering if maybe that wouldn't be a good idea. Would it attract predators? Its a black plastic dome looking thing that sits on the ground.
an enclosed composter bin doesn't really smell
My dad keeps 3 out so he has good material to keep his garden going. You'll find out though that you'll have to fight off the chickens the first time you put compost down... lots of worms love to burrow their way up and into it!!
Well, chicken bedding should be a minimum of 50' from a coop, so that might help.
Also, avoid any bones, fat, fish, poultry or meat scraps in your compost- attracts everything from weasels to bears...those things should be frozen until pickup day and put out as close to pickup as possible or buried in a deep pit after liming.
I thought that was what you meant but was thinking along the lines of bedding can't be in the coop?! I wasn't thinking you meant the cleaned out stuff. That is ok to go in the composter though, right?
yes it can go in the composter, I think though it is nitrogen so you need to add other things to it to help it break down faster. Don't remember what that is though!
I was told not to put anything cooked in the composter. Or do you mean "raw". I just got 2 of the same kind from a friend of mine.
I never put "cooked" meats in there, veggies, breads etc are fair game though!

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