So it Begins...


Jan 6, 2021
The Hawkeye State
It's a little late this year as is typical, especially since our state passed the right to bear fireworks and now everyone from Missouri comes up here to sell them unlike when we all used to drive down to Missouri to get them. Usually mortars are popping off a month early.

So do your birds handle it? I had a dog that wouldn't go outside during the pyrotechnics on the 4th.
Mine aren’t bothered at all but, we have one neighbor who shoots tannerite regularly and we live near a shooting range so our birds are fairly used to this kind of noise. The only time mine have been freaked out by fireworks was when the first batch was about 12 weeks old and they were left out in the tractor in the dark where could actually see the flashes.
I think someone was shooting at tannerite one night and unloading an automatic. Otherwise special forces must have landed near by for a training exercise.
Our animals are all used to the noise as target practice goes on around here pretty much year round. Occasionally one of the boys will fire off a bird bomb, which is like an M80 loaded into a shotgun shell, when the bear(s) or big cats get too close, and even that doesn't seem to phase the birds.

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