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    May 29, 2007
    Help! I'm looking for some advice on how to get my girls back into laying again...3 of 4 are 16 months old, the last is 13 months..they have been great layers since the winter, taking no break until 'their' summer vacation in July. The youngest went 'broody' then and hasn't laid since, and the others now produce about 2-3 eggs a week in total!

    I can't think of a thing that has changed in their lives - they still eat organic layer pellets and lots of scraps from the kitchen. They get daily exercise out of the coop and I think their quality of life is pretty good...I know I fuss over them too much!

    I sure miss those eggs and can't imagine what's happened. A couple of hens lost feathers in Augutst (how much do they lose when they moult?) but that seems to have stopped.

    Any ideas from you that are more experienced than me would really be appreciated...

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