so many questions!! can someone HELP me?? :)


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Sep 24, 2013
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Hi there! I'm Klaryy. Everyone who knows me, knows I love my chickens.. I recently got Four baby chIcks. They r now about 3 weeks old. I do live in the city and I have a nice size yard. I built a temporary chicken coop for them but going to need a more permanent coop soon.

everyday I take them out for about an hour and let them roam free in front of me. I have been noticing that they r trying to take a dIrt bath but my dirt is very dry and hard so they just lay on top of it..
what should I do?
should I turn the dirt and loosen it up or is it fine like that?

ALSO how long are you supposed to be having them on chicken starter?
AND when do I know I can start giving them chicken Scratch??

Im semI new to thIs and I reeeeeally love them I want to do everythIng thats best for them so ANY AND ALL HELP IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! THANK YU!!! :) :) :)
Almost everyone here is a chicken enthusiast as well.
If your chicks aren't able to roll dirt on themselves I would loosen the soil. I feed my chicks chick starter until they finish the whole bag but I started mixing some grower feed at 9 weeks and now at 10 weeks they are completely on grower feed. They don't even touch the chick starter anymore.
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Glad you joined us. x2 the above, I also dig over patches for my chickens to bath in when the soil gets too hard/compacted. They will thank you for it! You can do as suggested with the starter > grower switch, anytime you're ready, switch them. In the scratch, you can feed them a little bit now, but not too much, just a small amount now and then. Scratch is like candy for chickens, they love it and will gorge themselves given the opportunity.
chickens love dust bathing as much as wild birds do. If your soil is too hard maybe you have a large pan, old sandbox etc, they could use. Put sand and any loose dirt you can find and maybe some fireplace ash in it and let them have a go at it.

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