So many questions, so little time! :)


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Mar 17, 2008
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Each time I come to this site, I find even MORE questions than I already have! Anything anyone can add would be so greatly appreciated! I swear, I wish I had a chicken lover mentor or Big Brother! lol

Ok..I have 12 chicks-2 OEGB (duckwings), 2 BO, 2 BA, 2 NHR, 2 Bantam Cochins and 2 teeny tiny yellow Bantams whose breed is unknown to me...Plymouth Rock? I dunno. They are between 3 and 4 weeks old. No idea of sex yet...they're supposed to be females.

Right now they are in my guest room bc the coop is still incomplete. It should be ready in another 2...they will have a covered pen for during the day when we're not home. Another open pen for when we are home with them that will connect to our backyard.

They have not gone outside yet bc it's either been rainy or too cold. I'm in NC...close to Charlotte.

I'll just list my questions in random order bc I may not make any sense or may blather too long if I keep writing!

-When can I begin acclimating them to the outdoors? They are all not fully feathered.

-Are there any pics anywhere of each breed that compares the sexes as youngsters?

-We have a 5 foot chain link fence. They will have access to our backyard...could they fly over that?

-We have bantams and larger they roost at different heights? Can they share nesting boxes?

-Can roosters of different breeds live in peace? lol Do they breed with only hens of their breed or do they go for others?

-Can heavy breeds mate with bantams?

-My BA is already beginning to grow a red comb, the other is the red one indicative of a roo? His name is Suzanne BTW.

-When can they have a treat? What's a good treat for a young chick?

-When can you start feeding them tables scraps etc.,? They've had a few worms already and you would have thought they were given the answer to World Peace. It was hilarious!

Does anyone else have an issue with DUST? Omg..they produce a crazy amount of dust. We have a HEPA cleaner in the room with them...I assume that will help. We clean all the freaking time in there.

-Right now they are in a baby pool with sand and pine shavings for bedding. The pool is sounded by chicken fencing and cardboard so the teenies can't squeeze through should they try to jump or fly out.

Does painting the coop inside and out cut down on bugs, mites and fleas? I read that somewhere...

Can ppl pass on any of their respiratory illnesses to chickens?

I know I'll have more questions later...thanks to anyone who made it this far and chooses to share their knowledge with a newbie!

Buff Hooligans

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Jun 11, 2007
ChickPeas, wow, all your questions are like getting a drink from a fire hose!! I doubt any one of us will be able to answer each and every question. For those questions that don't get answered, you may want to use the Search function on the blue bar near the top of the screen.
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Cheep Mama

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Mar 14, 2008
Hello!! I can help with one of your questions. You should be fine taking them outside so they can play and get some fresh air. We live in Michigan and have been taking our 3 week olds out when it gets in the high 50's to 60's in the afternoon and they love it!


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Mar 17, 2008
Iron Station, NC
Oh I wasn't expecting anyone to answer *all* of my questions! If anyone can help with just one I'd be happy!And actually I have used the search option a number of times.

Cheep Mama..thanks! I'd like to get them started out this weekend. I may PM you about how you did it.



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Feb 10, 2008
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Yes, they can fly over a 5 foot fence. Easily. Especially the bantams.

No, the bantams and larger breeds do not need separate roosts. They will mix in together. The ones higher on the pecking order with get the higher, more desirable roosts.
Yes, they can share nest boxes.

Yes, roosters of different breeds can live in peace (except for the game birds) as long as there are enough hens (the general rule is one rooster for 8-10 hens). The roosters will have a pecking order, the dominant rooster does what he wants and the others stay out of the way and try to sneak off with some ladies whenever they can.

Yes, larger roosters can mate with bantams. Be careful with that. Bantam roosters try to mate with larger hens, but are not always successful.

Hope this gets you started! Have fun!

Search "treats for chicks" and you will find good information.

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